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Sweeney Bill Would Help Repair & Restoration of Dams

Steve Sweeney

TRENTON – Legislation sponsored by Senate President Steve Sweeney that would help local communities repair and restore dams was approved by the Senate yesterday, 39 – 0. The bill, S-3049, would appropriate $28,883,557 from 2003 and 1992 bond act monies for loans for dam restoration and repair projects and inland waters projects for 18 projects.

The funds will provide loans to owners of private dams, as co-applicants with local government units, or to local government units that own dams, to finance the costs of dam restoration and repair projects. The program provides loans to assist local government units, private lake associations or similar organizations in the funding of a dam restoration project or an inland waters project.

“New Jersey has not had the misfortune of experiencing a catastrophic dam failure but there have been an increasing number of small dam failures, largely attributed to the lack of maintenance and inspection as well as the fact that many of the dams in the State are nearing the end of their design life,” said Senator Sweeney. “The monies for the appropriations in this bill are made available due to project cancellations, withdrawals, cost savings, interest earnings, and loan repayments.”

The funding comes from the “2003 Dam, Lake and Stream Project Revolving Loan Fund,” and from the “1992 Dam Restoration and Clean Water Trust Fund,” established pursuant to the “Green Acres, Clean Water, Farmland and Historic Preservation Bond Act of 1992.”

In 1912, the Legislature enacted laws relating to the construction, repair, and inspection of existing and proposed dam structures. The law was amended in 1981 and became known as the Safe Dam Act. The primary goal of the Dam Safety Program is to ensure the safety and integrity of dams in New Jersey to protect people and property from the consequences of dam failures.

The projects:

Dam Name


Applicant Loan  Amount
Valhalla Lake Dam


Lake Valhalla Club $1,840,000
Lake Tamarack Dam


Lake Tamarack Association $500,000
Sunset Lake Dam


Borough of Mountain Lakes $2,100,000
Iona Lake Dam Township of Franklin (Gloucester) $4,460,000

Rock Island Lake Dam


Rock Island Lake Owners Assoc.




Upper Crest Lake Dam


Farm Crest Acres Association, Inc.




Lake Plymouth Dam


Lake Plymouth Community Assoc.




Lower Twin Lake Dam


Pompton Lakes Borough MUA




Union Mill Dam



Township of Evesham



Woolman Lake Dam Township of Mount Holly $207,832

Lake Reality Dam


Lake Reality Homeowners Assoc.




Bubbling Springs


Lower Township/West Milford




Lower Crest Lake Dam


Farm Crest Acres Association, Inc.




Bamber Lake Dam



Township of Lacey



Clement Lake Dam


Borough of Gibbsboro $613,345
Carteret Flood Control Borough of Carteret $5,498,400

Shongum Lake Dredging


Shongum Lake Property Owners




Clement Lake Dredging


Borough of Gibbsboro