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Sweeney Speaks at Ground Breaking Ceremony at Cumberland County TEC

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VINELAND Today, Senate President Steve Sweeney spoke at the ground breaking ceremony for the School of Health Science and Medicine academic building at the Cumberland County Technical Education Center in Vineland.

“New Jersey is home to many of the top pharmaceutical companies in the country, as well as a number of world class hospitals,” said Senator Sweeney.  “Employers are having a difficult time hiring people because they do not have the skills necessary for the jobs.  The training student’s receive from Cumberland County TEC and other technical schools and Vo-Techs across the state will help fill these needs of the employers.  This education will help provide the job skills to find success in the economy of tomorrow.”

“I studied health in college, and understand its importance in our society.  I work with health care workers every day and witness the difference they make in our community to those who need it most,” said Cumberland County Freeholder Director Joe Derella.  “This building will physically represent the work that students will put in to train to become the next generation of health care workers, working to help all people in our society.”

The new facility will serve as the main academic building for the School of Health Science and Medicine.  The health care industry is one of the fastest growing sectors for employment opportunities, as well as the number-one employer in Cumberland County. The overall health of New Jersey’s economy is tied to the capabilities of this evolving profession.

Cumberland County Technical Education Center is the newest high school in Cumberland County, specializing in technical education to offer students a chance to explore various careers and assist them in developing the skills they need to be successful.