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Sweeney/Fisher Bill To Make Seafood ‘Jersey Fresh’ Is Now Law

TRENTON – A measure sponsored by Senator Stephen Sweeney and Assemblyman Douglas H. Fisher adding seafood products to the list of “Jersey Fresh” and “Jersey Grown” foods, promoted in the State’s national advertising campaign was signed into law today.

“By offering seafood under the ‘Jersey Fresh’ program, we are helping to boost the economy by promoting our multi-million dollar fishing industry,” said Senator Sweeney, D-Gloucester, Cumberland and Salem, who serves as Vice Chair of the Senate Environment Committee. “When people see the ‘Jersey Fresh’ name, they know that they are purchasing quality products, and by adding seafood to the list of items, we’re working to provide more variety for consumers.”

“This legislation will help promote the sale of fresh or salt water food products,” said Assemblyman Fisher, D-3. “It will increase the market for these products as well as expand the use of the ‘Jersey Fresh’ and ‘Jersey Grown’ program because now fresh and saltwater food products will have the state outline on the package, indicating the product has been licensed by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture.”

“Jersey Fresh” is the State’s marketing program designed to sell New Jersey grown and raised food products. Growers wishing to use the “Jersey Fresh” logo on their packaging are required to register with the Department of Agriculture’s (DOA) quality grading program.

The bill, S-1620, amends the definition of “farm product” to include fresh and salt water food products under the “Jersey Fresh” marketing program This bill also coordinates the DOA licensing statute to allow New Jersey-raised seafood products to use “Jersey Fresh” packaging.

This measure was unanimously approved by the Senate on December 4.