08 Sep: Weinberg Bill To Expedite Submission Of Financial Disclosure Forms Is Law

TRENTON � A measure sponsored by Senator Loretta Weinberg which amends the “Local Government Ethics Law” by requiring local government officials to turn in financial disclosure forms within 30 days of taking office has been signed into law by Governor Corzine.

�Increased transparency in government is the key to gaining and maintaining public trust,� said Senator Weinberg, D-Bergen. �As elected officials, we have to be accountable to the people who put us in office, and that accountability needs to start immediately. Residents around the state work hard to earn an honest living, and they need to know their elected officials are doing the same. These taxpayers deserve nothing less from us.�

08 May: Weinberg Bills Would Help Increase Transparency In Government

TRENTON – Two measures sponsored by Senator Loretta Weinberg, which would work to help increase transparency and accountability in government were approved today by the Senate State Government Committee.

“These bills would work to help make government officials more accountable to the people who elected them,” said Senator Weinberg, D-Bergen. “Accountability needs to start immediately, and it is important for residents to know of any potential conflicts their elected representatives might have because of their source of income.”