13 Nov: Karcher Legislative Package To Protect Public Resources From Corruption Advances

TRENTON – A package of bills sponsored by Senator Ellen Karcher which would protect public resources from corruption by increasing penalties for misuse of public resources and providing a mechanism to reclaim lost funds due to corruption were approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee today.

“Today in New Jersey, public corruption and official misconduct continue to increase the cost of government to the taxpayers of the State, even as we seek solutions to our high property tax burden,” said Senator Karcher, D-Monmouth and Mercer, a leading watchdog for ethics reform in the State Legislature. “Whether it’s inflation of contract costs caused by no-bid or unethical contracts, corrupt land deals paid for with bribes to local officials, or a whole host of other offenses, these costs add up, and make our work to mitigate property tax increases that much harder. We need to put protections in place to ensure that government dollars and resources are not wasted on corruption.”

13 Nov: Adler Bill To Increase Penalties For Misusing Public Resources Approved

TRENTON – A bill sponsored by Senator John H. Adler which would criminalize misusing public resources was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee today by a vote of 9-0.

“For too long, the abuse of power in New Jersey has been a factor in skyrocketing property taxes,” said Senator Adler, D-Cherry Hill, the Chair of the Judiciary Committee. “Waste and fraud increase the cost of government to taxpayers who are looking for a break from soaring tax rates. We need to put strong penalties in place, to protect public dollars and the public trust in their elected representatives.”