16 Apr: MEDIA ADVISORY – Van Drew To Attend Public Advocate News Conference On Assisted Living Facility In Cape May County

TRENTON – Senator Jeff Van Drew will take part in a news conference with New Jersey Public Advocate Ronald K. Chen today in the Statehouse to unveil the results of an investigation into the business practices of an assisted living facility in Cape May County which involuntarily discharged elderly residents once their savings were spent.

The news conference will take place today at 1:00 PM in Statehouse Room 109, across from the Assembly Chambers.

“New Jersey’s elderly residents are a precious resource, a living connection to our past, and are not a burden to be discarded once they’ve been bilked of their life savings,” said Senator Van Drew, D-Cape May, Cumberland and Atlantic. “The actions of Assisted Living Concepts are entirely inexcusable, particularly when Medicaid funding was available to offset the cost for these residents’ care. I applaud the Public Advocate for bringing these heinous and callous acts to light, and I promise to do more to protect seniors in New Jersey.”

16 Apr: Van Drew Statement On Public Advocate Report On Cape May Assisted Living Facility

TRENTON – Senator Jeff Van Drew, D-Cape May, Cumberland and Atlantic, issued the following statement today at a news conference with New Jersey’s Public Advocate, Ronald K. Chen, to announce the findings of an investigation of a South Jersey assisted living facility that involuntarily discharged residents when their savings ran out:

“New Jersey’s senior citizens are a precious resource to be treasured – living connections to our shared past. They are our mothers and fathers, our aunts and uncles, and our grandparents. They have participated in the advancement of history, have fought in wars of principle, and have stood up to the very face of evil in order to protect a people from being exterminated because of their faith. They have struggled and sacrificed through depressions and recessions to provide for their families. They have seen the realization of one man’s dream of racial equality and marveled at another man’s small step which signaled a giant leap for the rest of us.