19 May: Senate Committee Approves Measure To Finance Flood Control Projects

TRENTON – Legislation sponsored by Senators Joseph Coniglio and Nia Gill that would appropriate $25 million to finance State and local flood control projects was passed by the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee today.

“With two major floods in the past year, we know that sound water management and flood control are essential in reducing the damage caused by any future floods,” said Senator Congilio, D-Bergen. “The people of New Jersey also realize the need to maintain the integrity of our lakes, streams and dams so that every major storm doesn’t result in a federal emergency, causing people to lose their homes or business to rising flood waters. We saw the potential for devestation with the Saddle River flooding during Hurricane Floyd in 1999, and this bill is the culmination of six years of fighting to get money to fix the problems that led to that flood.”