14 Jan: Norcross Bill To Expand Health And Safety Protections To Employees Of NJS Interstate Authorities Approved By Senate Transportation Committee

TRENTON – Legislation sponsored by Senator Donald Norcross (D-Camden/Gloucester) that would better protect employees of New Jersey’s interstate authorities by requiring those entities to comply with the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Act was approved today by the Senate Transportation Committee.

“All public entities operating exclusively in New Jersey are required to comply with occupational safety and health regulations. However, the state’s bi-state and multi-state agencies are currently exempt,” said Senator Norcross. “It must be a priority for us to ensure that all public employees are protected from health and safety hazards. This bill goes a long way to do that. Further, it ensures that if, in fact, unsafe conditions exist in the workplace, employees will have an opportunity to bring the conditions to the attention of the state and to have them corrected without concern for punishment by their employer.”

13 Jul: Karcher Bill To Expand Voting Option For Smaller Municipalities Signed Into Law

TRENTON – A bill sponsored by Senator Ellen Karcher which would allow municipalities of fewer than 500 residents to conduct elections by mail was signed into law today by Governor Codey.

“In other places throughout the country where voting by mail has already been implemented, it has been a success, allowing voters more time to consider their ballot choices in the comfort of their own homes,” said Senator Karcher, D-Monmouth and Mercer. “On a small scale, we can bring that same model to New Jersey, and if it works as a pilot program, expand it to larger municipalities when appropriate. The end result will ultimately be greater participation in the democratic process, and greater voter attention to elections.”