A view of the Senate Chambers from the 2010-2011 Senate Reorganization.

23 May: Beach-Greenstein Bill To Grant Professional And Occupational Licensure To Military Spouses Clears Committee

TRENTON – In an effort to support military families and ease their transition into New Jersey, Senators Jim Beach and Linda R. Greenstein have sponsored legislation that would permit non-resident military spouses to lawfully practice their profession under a temporary courtesy license, while they fulfill additional requirements for permanent certification in New Jersey. The Senate Military and Veterans Affairs Committee today approved the bill.

“Military families make countless sacrifices, both on and off the battlefield, and we have a civic duty to minimize the challenges they face on the home front,” said Senator Beach, D-Camden. “The effects of repeated deployments and constant transfers wreak havoc on the financial stability of these families who have dedicated their lives to protect our nation. By allowing military spouses who hold licenses in other states to continue practicing in their certified profession, this legislation will help pave a direct path to long-term employment and make their transition into New Jersey as simple as possible.”