14 Jun: Assembly Committee Approves Buono Bill To Curb Cyberbullies

TRENTON – The Assembly Education Committee today acted to curb taunts and threats sent by e-mail, text messaging or instant messaging by approving legislation sponsored by Senator Barbara Buono that would expand New Jersey’s school bullying laws to include new technologies.

“For bullies looking for new ways to torment their victims, cell phones and the Internet provide them with new, anonymous avenues by which to spread their taunts and threats,” said Senator Buono, D-Middlesex. “There are legitimate fears among who work with children that cyberbullying could be even more damaging to victims than traditional schoolyard bullying.”

17 Jan: Buono: Ny Teen Assault Video Shows Need For Strike Against Cyberbullies

TRENTON – Senator Barbara Buono said today that an online video showing three teens from North Babylon, NY assaulting another teen is just the latest example of why her bill targeting such acts of “cyberbullying” is needed in New Jersey.

“Those three teens really committed two crimes – first the physical assault in front of the school and then the emotional assault of posting the video online for their peers to watch,” said Senator Buono, D-Middlesex. “Unfortunately, the video may cause more harm to the victim than the initial assault, forcing her to repeatedly relive the attack and bringing her widespread embarrassment not only in her school but around the world.”

02 Mar: Senate Education Panel Approves Buono Cyberbullying Measure

TRENTON – Taunts and threats sent by e-mail, text messaging or instant messaging would be covered by New Jersey’s school bullying laws under a new bill sponsored by Senator Barbara Buono and approved by the Senate Education Committee today.

“E-mail and text-messaging is second nature to kids today and, thus, has become another means of bullying in our schools,” said Senator Buono, D-Middlesex. “Many educators, parents and child advocates warn that cyberbullying has potential to be even more damaging to victims than the physical forms of bullying that we are more accustomed to.”

01 Mar: National American Miss Teen Joins Senator Buono Before Education Committee Thursday

TRENTON – National American Miss Teen 2005 Samantha Hahn will join Senator Barbara Buono tomorrow, Thursday, March 2, 2006, in speaking to the Senate Education Committee about legislation that will include electronic communications under the State’s definition of bullying.

Miss Hahn, a New Jersey native, has made bullying the central theme of her platform while serving as National American Miss Teen. As a victim of bullying herself, she will give an account to the committee of the harassment and intimidation she faced in school, especially through e-mail and instant messaging, and discuss the impact that bullying can have on young people.