Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee Chair, Senator Ronald L. Rice, D-Essex, speaks at a meeting of his committee.

19 May: Rice Resolution Urges Congress To Invest In Aging Public Water Systems

TRENTON – A Senate Resolution sponsored by State Senator Ronald L. Rice which would urge Congress to enact legislation to dedicate funds for the upgrading and repair of aging public water and wastewater systems was unanimously approved by the Senate Environment and Energy committee today.

“The federal government dedicates funding for transportation projects and environmental cleanup because it recognizes that these sorts of projects have value for the greater public good,” said Senator Rice, D-Essex. “There’s no question that access to clean drinking water is a public benefit, and we ought to fund repairs and upgrades necessary to make sure we have a safe, reliable water and wastewater infrastructure for years to come. This is a matter of public safety for New Jersey’s communities, many of which are dealing with budget shortfalls and aging pipes and do not have the resources to upgrade their water systems on their own.”