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Turner Reaction To The Budget Agreement

TRENTON – Senate President Pro Tempore Shirley K. Turner made the following statement following the announcement by Governor Corzine, Senate President Codey and Assembly Speaker Roberts that a general budget agreement had been reached:

“For the more than 100,000 New Jersey residents whose jobs were affected by the State government shutdown, today’s agreement couldn’t have come soon enough. It is a relief to all to know that by the end of the week, we will have resumed State services and gotten these hard working men and women back on the job, earning the money they need to support their families.

“It is unfortunate that we disrupted their lives in such an unnecessary way. Hopefully everyone in Trenton has learned that we must never allow State government to shut down again. It simply harms too many people.

“While the sales tax is an unfortunate sacrifice we need to make in order to bring New Jersey’s financial house in order, I am encouraged by the fact that half of it will be used to reduce the burden of property taxes on our citizens.”