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Turner Resolution Calling On Congress To Encourage Job Creation, Deter Outsourcing, Clears Senate

TRENTON – A Senate resolution sponsored by Senator Shirley K. Turner (D – Mercer, Hunterdon) that calls on Congress to spur job creation in the United States has cleared the full Senate.

The resolution, SCR90, urges Congress to amend the tax code to create tax incentives for businesses that bring jobs into the United States, and create tax penalties to deter businesses from moving jobs out of the United States.

“Nationally, we have made progress in terms of gaining back the millions of jobs that were lost during the recession. But it is no where near enough, especially here in New Jersey where unemployment is actually going up. Part of the problem is a failed tax code from Washington that actually encourages job creation outside of the United States. That is incomprehensible and needs to end now,” said Turner.

The United States tax code encourages movement of jobs out of the country by allowing tax breaks for businesses that move jobs overseas. Those same tax breaks are not available to businesses that either maintain jobs in the United States or bring jobs into the country.

The resolution now heads to the Assembly.

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