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Turner: State Of The State Opportunity To Refocus On Promoting The Common Good

TRENTON – Senate President Pro Tempore Shirley K. Turner, D-Mercer, made the following remarks today upon hearing the Governor’s State of the State Address:

“It is obvious that property tax reform will be the issue that dominates our work this year. I agree with the Governor that our focus must be on the common good above all else as we move toward true, long-lasting reform.

“My hope is that as we strive to reach the proposed 20% reduction, that we don’t forget the underlying need to reform the entire system or relief will be short-lived.

“We must change the way we fund public education in this state. We must move from the most regressive tax – the property tax – and find new funding methods that are fairer and less burdensome to New Jersey residents.

“I think fairness is the key to the system. Everyone needs property tax relief, no matter how much they earn each year or where they live. Every single one of the 2 million property tax payers in New Jersey should see a credit, even if it’s only 5% for the highest earners. And in our fight to provide direct relief to homeowners, we cannot forget the million of individuals who rent their homes.”

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