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Vitale: Corzine Will Combine Compassion With Reform

TRENTON – Senator Joseph F. Vitale, the Chairman of the Senate Health, Human Services & Senior Citizens Committee, made the following comments on the Inauguration Day of Governor Jon Corzine.

“My initial take on Jon Corzine is that fixing the Division of Youth and Family Services will be one of his first goals. His gut won’t let him turn his back on kids. It will be a tough fiscal hit now, but he knows the importance of crafting a blueprint for child protection.

“Governor Corzine may have the mind of an accomplished businessman, but he also has the heart of a leader who believes winning the war against child predators and abusers is acheivable.

“Despite difficult fiscal times, we have to rachet up our efforts to provide affordable health care for all New Jerseyans – with no exceptions. I sense Governor Corzine will bring his compassion with him to the bargaining table so kids don’t get left out in the cold.”