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Vitale/ Sacco Bill Protects Temporary Workers From Employment Agencies

TRENTON – Legislation sponsored by Senators Joseph F. Vitale and Nicholas J. Sacco to prohibit a temporary help firm from withholding or diverting wages from an employee was approved by the Senator Labor Committee.

“This measure is another way to both protect the temporary workers in New Jersey, and also crack down on the illegal van services used to commute to and from work,” said Senator Vitale, D-Middlesex. “This particular bill seeks to prevent temp agencies from forcing their clients to pay for illegal van services in order to get paid.

According to Senator Vitale, “Some temporary employment agencies have been forcing workers to use illegal van services or they would not be given work. It’s important that we protect those working in New Jersey from unfair practices,” added Senator Vitale.

The bill, S-2164, would prohibit temporary help firms from taking pay away from their employees.

“In addition to any fines and penalties, if a temporary help service firm withholds wages unlawfully, the Attorney General could refuse to issue, renew, suspend or revoke the firm’s registration to operate,” said Senator Sacco, D-Bergen and Hudson.

According to Senator Sacco, “The illegal van services that many temporary agencies force their employees to use have a negative affect on traditional commuter services. Illegal vans steal business from hard working residents by charging lower rates because they do not face the same insurance, inspection and registration costs,” added Senator Sacco.

The bill now heads to the full Senate before going to the Assembly for consideration.

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