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Weinberg — More Irresponsible Political Theater From Christie

Trenton – Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg issued the following statement on Monday in response to Governor Christie’s beachfront public meeting:

“The governor knows full well that the tax-cut plan can’t take effect until next year. So why is he spending the hot summer months misleading the public? This is nothing more than bad summer theater with the governor tying to sell a political fairy tale. The smart thing to do and the responsible thing to do is to wait for the revenues that will make the plan work, but the governor is more interested in telling a political story than in doing the right thing for New Jersey.

“He is rationalizing his urgency with a tale of a Jersey comeback that unfortunately is just not real. Under Governor Christie, New Jersey’s unemployment rate is far higher than the national average, we rank 47th in economic performance, property taxes have increased 20 percent and more people have been pushed out of the middle class. These figures don’t tell a good story about the governor’s economic record but he can only make it better by facing the facts and acting responsibly.

“We can do better but the governor needs to be more concerned about doing what’s right for the people of New Jersey and less concerned about his own political story.”