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Weinberg To Governor – Did You Read The Bills You Vetoed?

Senate Majority Leader Says Governor’s Tough Talk Shows His Out-of-Touch Politics

TRENTON – Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, D-Bergen, issued the following statement today in response to the Governor’s dismissal of last session’s legislative work product as “a load of crap:”

“I think the Governor’s comments at today’s town hall confirm what I’ve long suspected – that when he gets out the veto pen, he gets a little too excited to look like a Jersey tough guy, and probably doesn’t read half or more of the bills he’s rejecting.

“Not only did he dismiss the bills he vetoed, he included bills he signed – including legislation I sponsored to improve access to oral chemo drugs. What does that say about what he thinks about the people whose lives will be improved by the bills he included in ‘the pile.’”

“He obviously must be too busy to read. How else can you explain his cavalier dismissal of bills designed to increase job opportunities for out of work New Jerseyans, or restore funding to women’s health care? What other possible explanation could there be to a Governor who would reject funding for health care for the working poor, or who would overturn science-based environmental protections, or who seems hell-bent on vetoing equal rights for same-sex couples?

“Maybe the Governor doesn’t get it. Maybe he’s out of touch with the priorities of New Jerseyans struggling to get by. Maybe he’s just been too busy, flying around the country, auditioning for a role in Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, to pay attention to the issues which have a real impact in the lives of New Jersey residents.

“Hopefully, the Governor will wise up, stow the tough guy act, read a bill or two, and work with us on the issues that matter to his and our constituents. Garden State residents want to see cooperation from their leaders, not the antics of a schoolyard bully with a potty mouth.”