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Whelan Says State Budget Focus Should Be To Make New Jersey More Affordable And Put People Back To Work

Northfield – In response to the Governor’s new fiscal year budget proposal, Senator Jim Whelan, D-Atlantic, today released the following statement, expressing concern about the budget’s impact on average New Jerseyans and their ability to continue to afford to live in the state.

“We need to take the next few months to do our job and thoroughly analyze the Governor’s proposal and how it will impact the majority of New Jersey residents. Our primary focus must be on how we make New Jersey more affordable and get residents back to work so they do not get any farther behind on their bills.

“I don’t think it makes sense to quickly embrace a proposal for which we have not yet seen the full details. We need to evaluate how this proposal will impact middle class families in New Jersey, many of whom are unemployed or underemployed, and cannot afford a state budget that continually places the burden on them.”

“I remain hopeful that the Governor will work with the Legislature and consider options like eliminating tax breaks for millionaires, so that we do not place the full burden of balancing our state budget solely on the backs of our middle-class families.”