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Adler: Don’t Sue For Damages From Big Mac Attacks

TRENTON – Senator John H. Adler today suggested heavy hitters at fast-food restaurants should forget about calling their lawyers after succumbing to their next Big Mac attacks.

“If you consume too much fast food, head to the gym, a running route or a tennis court – but not to Superior Court,” said Senator Adler, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The Cherry Hill Democrat said his bill, S-1462, was needed because it would block frivolous lawsuits claiming that McDonald’s, Burger King or other fast-food restaurants should be held liable when customers get obese from consuming their calorie-high menu items.

“It’s better to eat less, exercise more, but don’t sue,” Senator Adler said.

The Adler bill, approved today by the Judiciary Committee, would, however, allow obesity-responsible lawsuits if food manufacturers did not adhere to state and federal nutrition requirements or if they exceeded their stated fat content limits.

“People need to be responsible about healthy food choices,” Senator Adler said. “Of course, if food manufacturers are purposely deceitful about their ingredients, that’s a different story.”

If the bill becomes law, New Jersey would join 13 other states with immunity statutes protecting the fast food industry from obesity lawsuits.

“The best way to encourage restaurants to provide healthy food is to avoid ordering their non-healthy food,” Senator Adler said.

The measure now goes before the full Senate for consideration.