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Adler Introduces Bill To Hold Departments Accountable

TRENTON – On the eve of Governor Corzine’s first annual budget address, in which he’s expected to announce tough initiatives to close a $4.5 billion deficit, Senator John H. Adler has introduced legislation to hold departments accountable to the people of New Jersey.

“In his inaugural address, Governor Corzine asked us to hold him accountable,” said Senator Adler, D-Cherry Hill. “That principle of accountability should hold true across all levels of government. In tough economic times, we need to make sure that the taxpayers of this State are getting what they pay for.”

The bill would require the State Auditor to conduct performance review audits on agencies and departments under State Government. Under the bill, the Auditor would conduct their review under generally-accepted accounting principles held by the United States General Accounting Office. The bill would require the Auditor to focus on objective data, and report their findings to the Legislature, in order to help eliminate waste and improve efficiency.

“As we look at Governor Corzine’s budget, we need to know what’s working and what’s not,” said Senator Adler. “Each year, the Legislature has to go through with a red pen and provide the leanest budget that reflects the needs of the people we represent. Having the Auditor give us a fact-based, cut-and-dry analysis of the effectiveness of government agencies will help us in our goal.”

The bill is currently pending consideration before the Senate State Government Committee.

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