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Adler: Judiciary Chair Praises Justice Long

TRENTON – Senator John H. Adler, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, made the following comments in connection with the panel’s 9-2 vote to approve the nomination of Associate Justice Virginia Long for another seven-year term on the Supreme Court.

“Justice Long was clearly the finest witness to come before this committee in some time. She is a truly brilliant jurist with an extremely fine record. Her opinions have been respectful of the legislative and executive branches of government in a most astute way.

“I remain concerned that she and her colleagues (on the Court) don’t fully understand the need for accountability over spending in the Abbott School Districts, nor are they aware of the lack of success that profound spending has produced (in the State’s poorest school districts).

“But, overall, Justice Long is a most distinguished member of our State’s highest court. I heartily commend her nomination to the full Senate for another term on the Court.”