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Beach: Celebrate Strong Families On Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Senator James Beach addresses his new colleagues in the Legislature.

TRENTON – In honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Senator Jim Beach, Chairman of the Senate Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committee, issued the following statement:

“Men and women in the Armed Forces courageously step up to defend our nation and keep citizens safe. As they make heroic sacrifices for their country, husbands and wives of active-duty military personnel are often left to deal with the strains of relocation and sacrifice their own careers. The lives of military families are already burdened by repeat deployments and constant transfers. We need to do everything in our power to support military spouses and ease their transition into life in New Jersey.

“Military spouses are dedicated employees, active community members, and loving caretakers. In the Legislature, we have taken steps to ensure the financial stability of our military families. With one-third of military spouses working in a field that requires state licensure, many of them are delayed from re-entering the workforce because of credentialing and licensing procedures. In December, we passed legislation that is now law, which will allow certified nurses to receive a temporary nursing license in New Jersey if they have fulfilled equivalent licensure requirements in another state. We are also working to create license portability for military spouses who are teachers. Breaking down these barriers to certification will bring more qualified employees into the ranks of New Jersey’s workforce and protect military families from additional hardship due to extended periods of unemployment.

“Military Spouse Appreciation Day is about paying tribute to entire families of active-duty personnel. Just as we are bound to those in uniform, we are also indebted to their families for their contributions to society. In both spirit and action, we should celebrate their services and continue to advocate on behalf of strong military families.”