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Beach Introduces ‘Paul’s Law’ to Help Students with Seizure Disorders

Trenton – Senator James Beach introduced “Paul’s Law,” which would allow for an individualized health care plan for a public school student with a seizure disorder. Under the bill, the parents or guardians of the student with a seizure disorder, who seeks seizure disorder care for that student while at school, would inform the school nurse.

“As a former teacher, I know that emergency situations may arise in a typical school day. All school personnel should know what to do when a student has a seizure, either in the classroom or at an after school event,” said Senator Beach (D-Burlington/Camden). “With the help of Paul St. Pierre, this legislation will go a long way in educating our teachers and other school personnel on how to handle a situation when one of their students has a seizure.”

The school nurse would develop both an individualized health care plan and an emergency plan for the students authorized to receive the care at their public school.

Paul St. Pierre, of Maple Shade, is a youth epileptic disorder activist in Senator Beach’s district. Since being diagnosed with epilepsy, he has worked with his mother, and through his non-profit, Paul’s Purple Warriors NJ, they have spread epilepsy awareness and education in his community and provided support to others living with the disorder.