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Bill to Criminalize Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Verification Cards Introduced

Trenton – Senators Nicholas Scutari and Joe Cryan introduced legislation that would establish criminal penalties for the production, sale and use of false COVID-19 vaccination verification cards.
“We are in the midst of a massive effort to vaccinate New Jerseyans throughout the state so we can responsibly remove restrictions and safely return to a normalcy we haven’t seen for over a year,” said Senator Scutari (D-Middlesex/Somerset/Union). “Since the onset of the pandemic, New Jersey has recognized the seriousness of COVID-19. As the number of vaccinated citizens continues to rise, it is imperative that we have a plan in place to appropriately address potential bad actors who may attempt to deceive others with a fake COVID-19 vaccination verification card.
“It is imperative for us to preserve the integrity of the COVID-19 vaccination verification card, so we can continue our progress in further reopening the economy while also managing the spread of this virus to the best of our abilities.”
The bill, S-3692, would also require the Attorney General to establish a COVID-19 vaccination fraud prevention program.
“I am proud of the progress New Jersey has made in administering the COVID-19 vaccines and the efficiency that has been displayed at many facilities throughout the state,” said Senator Cryan (D-Union). “The COVID-19 vaccination verification card provides proof that you have a level of protection against the virus. As New Jersey continues to remove restrictions and reopen, this card will be an important tool, and we must work to prevent counterfeit cards from impeding upon the progress we have made.”