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Bryant Election Reforms Signed Into Law

TRENTON -Governor Richard Codey signed into law today a package of bills sponsored by Senator Wayne Bryant that would work to reform elections in New Jersey, including moving the presidential primary up to February.

“Far too often, I hear, especially from young people, ‘Why bother voting if my vote doesn’t count?'” said Senator Bryant, D-Camden and Gloucester. “These bills are meant to let the people of New Jersey know that their vote will count for something. Whether by making us more relevant in the presidential primary process or showing every voter a physical copy of their ballot, we are putting into place reforms that will make the right to vote more relevant to everyone in New Jersey.”

Among the bills sponsored by Senator Bryant and signed by the Governor today were:

S550 (Bryant/Codey/Adler/Vitale) – Moves the presidential primary to the last Tuesday in February.

S2387 (Bryant) – Permits voter registration up to 21 days, instead of the previous 29 days, before an election.

S29 (Bryant/Turner/Gill) – Requires that voting machines produce a voter-verified paper record for each vote cast.

“Elections need to be open, honest and accessible to the public,” added Senator Bryant. “Anything less than that is unacceptable and these new laws will ensure that New Jersey has fair, transparent elections in the future.”

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