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Bryant Hails Budget Accord

TRENTON – Senator Wayne R. Bryant, Chairman of the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee, today made the following comments as a budget agreement was announced to provide property tax relief and recurring revenues.

“What’s good in this budget is good for the people we serve, the residents of this great State. The agreement was crafted with the recurring revenues as driven home by Governor Corzine and with significant property tax relief and voter participation as sought by Speaker (Assembly Speaker Joseph) Roberts. But it was forged by the style and the statesmanship of Governor (Senate President Richard J. Codey) who used the power of his personality to make compromise possible.

“It’s responsible and reality-based, but it exacts something from all of us and that part is critical. There’s no joy from increasing any taxes, but this proposal will keep us within our means as we carry out the responsibilities of government.

“I’m confident the agreement reached today will re-charge our government as everyone gets back to work. I believe the product we are crafting together is well worth the effort.”