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Bryant Measure Would Allow Medicaid And Family Care Recipients To Purchase Employer-Sponsored Insurance

TRENTON – The Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee today unanimously approved a measure sponsored by Senator Wayne R. Bryant, designed to provide assistance to Medicaid and Family Care recipients and allow them to buy into employer-sponsored health insurance programs.

“This measure is about providing quality insurance coverage for adults and children, in the most cost-effective way,” said Senator Bryant, D-Camden and Gloucester. “We all know that health insurance is a necessity, and this bill would allow the State to make sure that citizens have access to premium health care while helping to save State dollars.”

Senator Bryant’s bill, S-2023, known as the “Premium Support Program” (PSP) would allow more Medicaid and Family Care recipients to make use of employer-sponsored insurance by having the State pay their portion of their employer-offered insurance plans, thereby allowing the State to utilize a cost-effective alternative to public health insurance programs. Any procedures or medical services not covered under the employer’s health benefits but covered under Medicaid or Family Care would be provided by the State to PSP participants.

“This model has proven to be successful in other states, and if adequately implemented, can become the formula to cure the rising cost of Charity Care by establishing a joint partnership between public and private industry,” Senator Bryant said.

This measure now heads to the full Senate for a vote.