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Buono: Christie’s School Cuts Have Brought Us Back To Square One

TRENTON – Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono (D-Middlesex) released the following statement on today’s New Jersey Supreme Court ruling:

“Three years ago, I sponsored the law that allowed New Jersey to finally lift the weight of the Abbott decisions off its shoulders. In only one year, Chris Christie has thrown it right back on top of us.

“By ignoring our constitutional school funding law – which took years to craft – the governor has brought us right back to the position of the Supreme Court determining school funding levels based on zip codes. The suburban districts who were finally seeing their long-awaited chance for stable funding realized have had the rug completely pulled out from underneath them by the governor.

“The governor’s reckless decision to ignore the law is the reason that the Court has returned us to the very system he has railed against, nothing more and nothing less. Had he grasped even a basic understanding of this case he would have embraced the new formula and given the Court the ability to relinquish oversight of Abbott funding.

“Instead, we’re back at square one.”