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Buono: New Jersey Isn’t Buying Christie’s Empty Promises

EDISON – Senator Barbara Buono reacted today to the latest episode of Chris Christie’s town hall political theater, in light of recent polls that show a majority of New Jerseyans support the Democratic plan on tax cuts.

“Even as Chris Christie continues his Endless Summer Road to the Republican National Convention Tour today in Ocean City, the people of New Jersey are rejecting his political theater and siding with the Democrats’ more responsible approach,” said Senator Buono, D-Middlesex. “For too many middle class families, the illusory ‘Jersey Comeback’ is more of a Jersey letdown. They want the truth from Trenton, not more empty promises.”

Senator Buono pointed to a recent Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press poll in which 54% of those polled supported the Democrats’ plan to wait to see if revenues hit the Administration’s projections before enacting a tax cut that would go into effect next year.

“The Governor’s antics may play well outside of New Jersey, but it’s clear that people inside the state aren’t buying it. If we had a governor who was more focused on supporting small businesses, reducing property taxes and investing in our education and transportation infrastructure – rather than traipsing around the country building his national name recognition and raising money for Mitt Romney – we would finally have a New Jersey that is leading the nation in economic growth rather than falling further behind.”