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Census 2010 Awareness Push: Legislators In The 22nd District Announce Town Hall Meeting

LINDEN – Democratic Legislators from New Jersey’s 22nd District today announced that they will hold a town hall meeting on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 7 PM at the Rahway City Council Chambers to raise awareness of the national 2010 Census among their constituents. Senator Nicholas Scutari, Assemblywoman Linda Stender and Assemblyman Jerry Green stressed the importance of ensuring a precise count of residents both in the district and throughout the State as a whole.

“The need for an accurate count of the residents in our district and in our state has never been greater,” Senator Scutari said. “It is imperative that New Jersey residents receive aid from all possible sources in these tough economic times. There are over 210 federal domestic assistance programs whose funding depends on the Census’ ability to obtain an accurate count. Total participation is key to ensuring that residents receive our fair share of annual federal aid.”

Some residents of New Jersey have in the past been unable or unwilling to participate in census activities. As a result some communities may not have been accurately counted in the past. Assemblyman Green stressed the importance of every household in the state participating in the census.

“People need to realize that we are in this together. The time has come for the residents in our district who are historically uncounted due to lack of participation in Census activities to take charge of their collective destinies,” Green said. “It is only fair to the residents of the 22nd district that they receive all possible benefit from federal stimulus monies that will be disbursed as a result of this Census. By standing up and being counted we will show that we will not remain silent on issues of great importance to our district and our State.”

Assemblywoman Stender further underscored the importance of accurate counting for New Jersey residents in the Census and highlighted some key areas where federal funding is most needed.

“In 2008 over $20 billion was allocated to metropolitan areas for housing assistance,” Stender said. “With roughly $400 billion in annual federal distributions for programs in the areas of housing, education, transportation, and health and human services the importance of increased participation in this census cannot be overstated. I and my fellow legislators in the district see it as our personal mission to aid our constituents in every way to ensure that the much deserved and needed assistance is obtained.”


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