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Codey and Turner Elected to Lead Senate

TRENTON – The Senate Democratic Majority Caucus today unanimously voted to re-elect Senate President and Acting Governor Richard J. Codey and Senate President Pro-Tem Shirley K. Turner to lead the Senate for the new two-year legislative session beginning in January.

“I am deeply honored by this expression of support from my colleagues and I look forward to a continued record of accomplishment for the people of New Jersey,” said the Senate President and Governor.

Caucus members gave the two Senate leaders a standing ovation after re-electing them by acclamation.

Senate Majority Leader Bernard F. Kenny Jr., D-Hudson, who will continue as Senate Majority Leader, praised the leadership of the two Senators while presiding at the Senate Democratic Caucus, as did Senator Ronald Rice, D-Essex, whose motion to re-elect them was adopted unanimously.

Senator Turner, D-Mercer, is serving her third term in the Senate. She also served in the Assembly from 1994 to 1998. She is the Chair of the Senate Education Committee.

“Hopefully, we will move ahead with ethics reforms, efforts to reduce property taxes and measures to fight sprawl,” Senator Turner said.

Governor Codey has achieved record poll numbers in public approval during his nearly one year of service as Governor since taking over the leadership of New Jersey following former Governor McGreevey’s resignation.

Considered the State’s most popular public official, Governor Codey received untold thousands of write-in votes for Governor on Election Day in a statewide demonstration of support for his performance as Acting Governor.

He will continue to serve as Governor until Governor-Elect Jon Corzine is sworn in to office in January.