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Senator Richard Codey congratulates Congressman Donald Norcross on his succession to the U.S. House of Representatives.

TRENTON – Senator Codey issued the following statement in response to Governor Christie’s insulting remarks about Pat Colligan, President of the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association, calling him “a pension pig” at an event in Concord, New Hampshire last night. The NJSPBA represents 9 out of 10 officers in the State of New Jersey:

“Governor Christie’s disparaging comments about the president of our State’s police union, representing tens of thousands of our police officers including those who protect him on a daily basis, are wildly classless and inappropriate.

“Referring to a police officer as a “pig,” a term that is highly derogatory and historically stems from the rise of an anti-establishment culture in the 70s, is insensitive and simply irresponsible at such a time in our nation when we are trying to restore the public’s trust in officers of the law. But to call the person at the helm of our state’s police union a pig is incredibly offensive to each and every police officer who protects us in our streets in the cities and towns throughout our great state every day.

“It’s one thing to have opposing views or to disagree on policy or principle, but it’s another to resort to such insults and name-calling, especially as a Governor referring to a police officer of his own home state.

“At a time when our nation is seeking humility and thoughtfulness in its leaders, Governor Christie fails to represent the kind of leadership our country needs and the ideals New Jersey stands for.

“His comments were entirely out of line and not only an insult against Pat Colligan but all police officers. He owes Mr. Colligan, the people of this state and all officers of the law an apology. I would hope that the Governor would come to his senses and realize his comments were wrong.”