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Codey Heralds Revenue Windfall, Urges Prudence

Senate President Richard J. Codey, D-Essex, speaks about plans for a property tax special session, while Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts looks on.

TRENTON – Senate President Richard J. Codey (D-Essex) today welcomed news of an unanticipated windfall from the state’s tax amnesty program, vowing to keep the priority focused on relief for taxpayers as the Senate zeros in on passing the budget next Thursday.

“Given the bleak revenue news we have been hearing for months now, this new development certainly brightens up an otherwise gloomy day. The Senate is now committed to working in partnership with the Governor and our counterparts in the Assembly to craft a revised budget that incorporates this revenue in a fiscally responsible manner.

“Prior to this announcement, we had been forced to prioritize relief for taxpayers that need it the most – seniors, the working poor and the disabled. This revenue boost will enable us to expand that relief to help hardworking middle class taxpayers who have also felt the pinch of a struggling economy.

“Our goal remains the same even though our scope may have broadened. The Senate is committed to passing a prudent but compassionate budget next Thursday.”

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