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TRENTON – Senator Richard J. Codey expressed outrage over the Governor’s Executive Order No. 209, which places tens of millions of dollars in budget appropriations in fiscal reserve, “freezing” approximately $50 million that is needed to provide essential services affecting New Jersey’s most vulnerable residents, including domestic and sexual violence prevention and intervention services.

“While the Governor travels the state touting ‘fairness’ and ‘responsibility’ in funding, his actions show a blatant contradiction and indifference to the needs of struggling communities and residents across the state,” said Senator Codey (D-Essex and Morris).

The funding freeze imposed by the governor includes $2.24 million appropriated for domestic violence and rape prevention services and $2.8 million for sexual assault prevention services that will remain unexpended under the order.

“The administration’s decision to indefinitely withhold funding from programs that provide crisis services to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence shows reckless disregard for the safety and sanctity of human life,” said Senator Codey. “Families, women and children will feel the devastating consequences and pay the ultimate price of the Governor’s careless action.”

“Rather than providing support services to help them heal, the administration has compounded the effects of domestic violence and sexual assault against women in New Jersey by leaving them without the vital services that will support their treatment and recovery from the physical and emotional scars,” he added. “It is shameful, outrageous and unconscionable. He’s playing politics with people’s lives.”

“The freeze is unfairly punishing thousands of innocent bystanders and vulnerable residents by depriving worthy organizations that assist them of the funds needed to carry out their work. It is simply wrong.”