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Codey Praises DOT Efforts To Remove Snow On Route 280

‘What A Difference A Week Makes,’ Declares Essex County Lawmaker

WEST ORANGE – Senator Richard J. Codey today praised the State Department of Transportation (DOT)’s snow removal efforts along Route 280 in Essex County. The lawmaker last week called for more attention to road conditions along Route 280 during inclement weather.

“What a difference a week makes,” said Senator Codey, D-Essex. “Road crews from the DOT were out on the highway by 10:30 last night, and worked overnight to keep the road clear for the morning commute. From the Commissioner down to the salt-truck drivers, everyone did a great job, and on behalf of Essex County’s morning commuters, I just want to say thanks.”

Senator Codey said previously that he was concerned that Route 280, with its steep grade as the highway winds around First Mountain in West Orange, was being ignored during snow removal operations, and that trucks didn’t get to the highway until after traffic had already backed up. The Senator said that because of the steep grade – one of the steepest highway grades for an interstate roadway in the entire nation – even a small amount of snow on the roadway makes for dangerous conditions, and as a result, whether it’s an inch of snow or a foot, traffic on Route 280 during any winter precipitation comes to a standstill.

“I’m very encouraged by today’s quick action by the DOT, and I’m glad our concerns are being met,” said Senator Codey. “For years, drivers along Route 280 had to face hours of traffic backlog and dangerous, slippery road conditions during even minor winter snow storms. Hopefully today’s operation is indicative of how the State DOT will be moving forward.

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