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Codey Statement On State Of State Address

TRENTON – Senate President Richard J. Codey (D-Essex) today released the following statement on Governor Corzine’s 2007 State of the State Address:

“The Governor gave a thoughtful, concise speech that echoed the sentiments of the legislature at large.

“As the governor pointed out, with so much focus on our property tax challenges, it’s easy to overlook the many accomplishments that 2006 brought us – stem cell research, child welfare reforms, a reduced structural deficit, replenishment of our Transportation Trust Fund and many others. These are all tremendous accomplishments, but certainly not cause to rest.

“The moment of reckoning for real property tax reform is here. We must act now. And we will. By month’s end we should see significant measures in place to make many of these shared goals a reality.

“I’m hopeful that we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. If not, the train may very well run us over. The only way to avoid this, as the Governor said, is to let the ‘common good’ drive our decisions.”