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Coronavirus: Senator praises NJ educators facing challenges amid pandemic

Greg Tufaro | March 30, 2020 | Bridgewater Courier News |

As the father of an elementary school teacher and the brother of two siblings who were teachers, Senator Patrick J. Diegnan Jr. has always held a special place in his heart for educators.

The former chair of the State Assembly Education Committee said he now has an even greater appreciation for educators statewide, many of who on Monday commenced their third week of distance learning amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“I know firsthand the challenges they are facing at this particular time,” said Diegnan, who counts many teachers among his friends. “I think as much as anybody else – including medical staff, police and emergency personnel – they are really on the forefront of maintaining some normalcy in our society right now.

“If it wasn’t for their teachers being able to interact with them, young people would basically be in a hopelessly terrifying situation. The teachers are really maintaining consistency and opportunity for these young folks.”


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