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Cryan Bill Would Maintain Transit Service for Disabled During ‘States of Emergency’

Trenton – The paratransit services for the disabled would be maintained during any “state of emergency” under legislation sponsored by Senator Joe Cryan that was approved by the Senate today.


The bill, S-362, would require New Jersey Transit to operate its Access Link service in any area of the state under a state of emergency, as long as it doesn’t pose an undue risk to drivers or passengers.


Currently, NJ Transit bus operations have remained running during most emergency conditions while Access Link has been suspended, causing people with disabilities to be left with no transportation, said Senator Cryan.


“People with disabilities rely on Access Link for their basic transportation needs,” said Senator Cryan, who serves on the special Senate committee reviewing NJ Transit’s services and operations. “During emergencies, their reliance on this service is even more important. Access Link has proven to be a real success in serving a vital need. I believe it should be maintained in emergency conditions so those with disabilities are not left to fend for themselves.”


The paratransit program was established to provide public transportation to people with disabilities who are unable to use the local bus service according to the American with Disabilities Act.


The Senate vote was 39 – 0.