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Cryan Wants To Evaluate Impact of Home Sharing on NJ Communities

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Trenton – A task force to evaluate the impact of home sharing on New Jersey communities would be created under terms of legislation authored by Senator Joe Cryan that was approved by a Senate committee today.


The “Home Sharing Evaluation Task Force” would be created under terms of the bill, S-2981, to help assess the positive and negative impact of the growing home sharing industry fostered by online services such as Airbnb.


“The dramatic increase in home sharing will have an impact on residential communities throughout the state,” said Senator Cryan (D-Union). “With a housing crisis making it hard for working people to afford to rent or purchase a home, it’s important that we understand any consequences of home sharing so we can prevent any negative fallout while capitalizing on potential benefits. This online home sharing trend can have an impact on the quality of life in many New Jersey communities.”


The 10 member task force would include three members from the home sharing industry, four municipal officials and three public members. They would issue a report with recommendations within six months of the panel being formed.


The bill was approved by the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee with a vote of 5-0.