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Cunningham: Gun Sale Limitations Are ‘Common Sense’

State Senator Sandra B. Cunningham, D-Hudson, speaks with a staffer before the beginning of the Budget Committee meeting on Governor Corzine's toll road plan.

NEWARK – Senator Sandra Bolden Cunningham today held a news conference with Newark Mayor Corey Booker, Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy, CeaseFire NJ Executive Director Bryan Miller and others, to discuss legislation (S-1774) she sponsored which would prohibit the sale and purchase of more than one handgun per licensed buyer, within a 30 day period. The news conference was held at Elwood Park.

“Handgun violence is on the rise, but taking guns off the streets will help to stop the senseless slaughter of our citizens – it’s common sense,” said Senator Cunningham, D-Jersey City and Bayonne. “Hopefully, passage of this legislation will encourage other states, especially neighboring states like Pennsylvania and New York, to follow suit.”

According to the bill, any buyer or seller who knowingly violates its provisions would be guilty of a fourth degree crime, which carries penalties of 18 months imprisonment and fines of up to $10,000.

“This bill would not affect law enforcement or licensed collectors, but it would impose a significant barrier to criminals who make straw purchases and traffic guns that ultimately end up on our streets,” said Senator Cunningham.

Senator Cunningham also noted that she’s thankful that she has the support of local mayors Booker and Healy on such an important issue.

The legislation passed the Assembly in June, and it’s now awaiting committee approval in the Senate.


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