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Diegnan, Johnson Bill to Require Notice of Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Upon Inspection or Registration Advances


TRENTON – The Senate Transportation Committee advanced legislation sponsored by Senators Patrick Diegnan and Gordon Johnson that would require motor vehicle inspection facilities to provide written notice to the owner of a motor vehicle of all open recalls applicable to their vehicle at the time of inspection. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) would be similarly required to provide the same notice at the time a vehicle is being registered or when the registration is being renewed.

“This bill is about protecting motorists and the general public,” said Senator Diegnan (D-Middlesex), the Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee. “By informing the owners of motor vehicles of any open recalls, they will be more informed about any potential problems or dangers that their vehicle may be susceptible to, and be able to take the necessary steps to fix them.”

Under the bill, S-359, the MVC and motor vehicle inspection facilities would provide written notice at inspection or registration, whichever is applicable, of all open recalls on the motor vehicle. The written notice would include a description of each open recall and a statement that each open recall may be repaired at no cost to the owner under certain circumstances.

“Requiring notice of open recalls on at least an annual basis will help ensure that people are as informed as possible about any issues with their vehicle that are no fault of their own,” said Senator Johnson (D-Bergen). “Often, these problems can be fixed at no cost to their owner, and if more people are made aware of this it can help reduce accidents, injuries, and deaths on our roads.”