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Doria – Education Dollars Should Be Spent On Children, Not Geography

TRENTON – Senator Joseph V. Doria, Jr., D-Hudson, a member of the Joint Legislative Committee on Public School Funding Reform, issued the following statement today after the panel voted to approve its final report by a vote of 4-2:

“Today, the Joint Committee on Public School Funding Reform approved looking at a new, equitable funding formula to fairly administer the needs of our State’s public schools.

“The new funding formula is long overdue.

“As we work on finalizing the new formula, with our Committee report as a reference, we will try as best as possible to meet the needs of all the students of the State.

“The new formula will take into account the unique educational needs of each student, as opposed to the geography where they live. We will ensure that the funding follows the child, so that each student in our public schools has the same opportunity at future success, no matter where they live.

“And we need to ensure that the formula is realistic, financially feasible, and sustainable over a long time, so that we’re not coming back to the drawing board in five years to revamp the formula again.

“It’s true that public education is a major driver of the State’s high property taxes. But it’s also one of our most sacred duties, to provide quality education to all of New Jersey’s children. Through a new, fair funding formula, we may be able to find a balance, meeting New Jersey’s educational needs without driving taxpayers into the poor house.”