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Gill / Bryant Measure To Require Posting Of Voter Rights Passes Senate

TRENTON – A measure sponsored by Senators Nia H. Gill and Wayne R. Bryant that would require county boards of election to post a “Voters Bill of Rights” notice at each polling place before the opening of polls on election day was approved today by the Senate.

“It only makes sense that the rights of voters be posted at polling places,” said Senator Gill, D-Essex and Passaic. “This bill would help to alleviate any questions that may arise when residents are exercising their right to vote. We want New Jerseyans to be able to make informed decisions.”

The Senators’ measure, S-30, would call for the Attorney General to develop a “Voters Bill of Rights,” to serve as instructions for first time voters and information on federal and state laws prohibiting voting fraud, and the penalties for such acts. County boards of election would be required to post the notice in polling places before they open on election day. The signs would have to be printed in English and any other language spoken by 10% or more of the voting population.

The “Voters Bill of Rights” would include election dates and hours of polling places, information on ID requirements, instructions on who to contact in case of voter intimidation or voting right violations. The notice would be required to be printed to the extent possible on sample ballots. Each county would also be required to post the information on its Internet site, as well as the State’s Internet site.

“This measure would work to help ensure that voters are aware of the power they are afforded under the law,” said Senator Bryant, D-Camden and Gloucester. “Too often, members of the public are not aware of their rights, and this measure would help keep them up to date and informed on their options and protections as voters.”

This measure was approved by the Senate State Government Committee on May 26. It how heads to the Governor’s desk where his signature would make it State law.