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Gill: Identity Theft Victims Can’t Be Denied Credit

TRENTON – The Senate today approved a measure, sponsored by Senator Nia H. Gill, that would make it illegal for creditors to deny credit to a person solely because that individual was a victim of identity theft.

“Victims of identity theft shouldn’t have to endure further injustice by being subjected to bad credit ratings,” said Senator Gill, Chair of the Senate Commerce Committee. “If their credit is otherwise in good standing, they should not be subjected to delays or denied credit simply because they were victims of identity theft.”

The Senate Commerce Committee last year developed legislation which required local law enforcement agencies to issue police reports on complaints of identity theft. This new law should provide the basis of proof that consumers were victimized by identity theft, Senator Gill said.

The measure, S-1643, passed 39-0 and now goes to the Assembly.

“It’s clearly not right to deny credit to someone whose identity was stolen,” Senator Gill said. “This bill will protect consumers.”

Any creditor who violates the provisions of the bill would face a penalty of up to $5,000 for each violation which would be collected by the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance.

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