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Girgenti Legislation To Aid Laid-Off Police Officers Passes Assembly, Heads To Governor Christie For Signature

Legislation sponsored by Senate Assistant Majority Leader John A. Girgenti (D-35th) of Hawthorne that will help laid-off police officers was released from the Assembly floor today. The bill passed the Assembly (70-0). The measure passed the Senate (35-0) in April.

Under current Police Training Commission policy, if an officer has a break in service of more than three the basic police training course must be retaken. The legislation would extend the certification to five years from the date of termination, allowing laid-off officers additional time to find employment in a similar position or agency.

“The current economic climate is making it difficult for our laid-off law enforcement officers to find work. This bill will allow them to save time and money by extending their training certification so they do not have to retake the training once they find employment. That it unanimously passed the Senate and Assembly Law and Public Safety Committees, Senate, and Assembly is a testament to both the bill’s intent and the effect it will have in helping our officers,” said Girgenti, Chair of the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee. “It is my hope that this legislation will be signed into law as expediently as possible.”

The measure now heads to Governor Christie for final approval.