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Gopal Expresses Support for Plan to Assist Seniors


“Most seniors around the Garden State are living on a fixed income, yet the cost of living continues to rise. I want to commend the Speaker and Senate President for putting forward a plan that will provide significant property tax relief for our seniors. Too many residents look beyond our borders when it comes time to retire. The Governor has led on the Anchor Property Tax Program and increasing Senior Freeze and now StayNJ will continue that path for property tax relief to help get seniors as much back as possible from their property tax bills.


“StayNJ will put money directly into the hands of New Jersey taxpayers. A senior paying up to $20,000 a year in property taxes will see that bill get cut in half. That is a direct contrast to the New Jersey Republican Party’s Give it Back Plan. The Republican Party’s plan is to give four billion dollars of state funds to counties, towns and government agencies for capital projects – none of that money will go directly to New Jersey taxpayers which need a plan for relief. Taxpayers need a plan for relief – not government agencies.”