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Gopal & O’Scanlon Press to Allow Auto Dealers to Do Business Online

Trenton – Senator Vin Gopal and Senator Declan O’Scanlon issued the following joint statement today in support of the effort to allow auto dealers to conduct sales and other operations if they adhere to social distancing standards:


“We want to add our voices to the men and women who operate auto dealerships in New Jersey and want to be allowed to do business during the coronavirus crisis if they adhere to the safety standards of social distancing. By moving car sales online, through an app or by telephone they can keep their dealerships open and serve the public. This could be done easily by having drivers pick up their vehicles on the lot while remaining physically distant from personal interaction. Other states including New York and Pennsylvania have already taken this action and we believe New Jersey should follow.


“The shutdown is needed to protect the health and safety of the public but we also have to recognize the impact it is having on jobs, businesses and the economy. This is an economic crisis as well as a public health crisis. Additionally, there are people whose leases are expiring or whose cars are failing who need access to new cars.  Allowing dealerships to operate will help serve the needs of the public, at the same time it allows employees to maintain an income and keeps these dealerships alive.”