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Gordon On Mvc: Lack Of Knowledge On Agency’s Media-Reported Problems Is Unacceptable

TRENTON – Senator Bob Gordon (D-Bergen) issued the following statement today regarding New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) Chief Administrator Ray Martinez’s comments in the media that he was unaware of several issues the MVC has had within the last few weeks. These include customers having to wait outside on hot summer days while several dozen chairs remained empty inside an MVC office in Jersey City:

“Mr. Martinez’s answers, or really, lack thereof, are disappointing. The problems that have occurred at various MVC agencies in the last few weeks have been well documented by the media. There is simply no reason for him not to know that customers have had to wait outside in the record-breaking heat while air conditioned MVC buildings remain nearly empty. And this is only one of several problems we have heard about.

“The MVC should have been looking into these issues the second they began occurring. It should not have taken a video from the media to spur someone there to try to get answers as to what is going on and how to fix it.

“I visited the Lodi MVC facility today and I can see that several issues still remain unresolved. We plan on getting to the bottom of them as quickly as possible. Hopefully, the MVC will have answers for us when called upon to explain what on Earth is going on at these agencies.”