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Senator Bob Gordon, D-Bergen, the Chairman of the Senate Legislative Oversight Committee, asks a question during the Committee’s hearing on halfway houses in New Jersey.

TRENTON — Senator Bob Gordon issued the following statement on the Appellate Court ruling that was issued today upholding the Legislature’s veto of job banding rules adopted by the New Jersey Civil Service Commission. Gordon was the sponsor of the Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR-147), passed by the Legislature, which invalidated the rules after a finding that they were inconsistent with legislative intent:

“The job banding scheme sought to undermine the very system that was put in place to protect against cronyism, nepotism and discrimination in the hiring and promotion process. It was a direct threat to public workers and their civil service protections.

“This decision is a win for workers as it reverses the actions taken by the Civil Service Commission to strip them of safeguards that were established in state law. It also reinforces the Legislature’s authority to serve as a check on the Executive Branch to make sure the laws that are passed are implemented as intended.”